We have created a communication and content lab specialized in lifestyle, fashion, beauty and luxury, runned by two professionals with wide expertise in marketing and online advertising with a methodology based on three essential bases: clients, technology and user.

This is Gloria

The most alike person to me that I know, and the most different at the same time!. Yeah, it makes sense. She likes Chryselephantine sculptures- something I have not known what it was until I met her, and I do not think I have it completely clear yet-, the Art Deco and dystopian literature. On the other hand, she likes the classic breakfast – coffee and toast- , leather jackets and she admires Gabrielle Chanel. Unique and classy, this is possible in a person like her. Music and wine are the protagonists of their inspiration and do not tell her that everything is invented, because she will show you that there is always something unfinished to do. Gloria is the co-worker that comes with the soul and fills with passion every project.


This is Gloria by Luli


Creativity Manager


(+34) 615 152 016



This is Luli

My colleague. A trustworthy mate. The one I would tell all my passwords in case I was able to remember all of them. The one that can organize a whole calendar with only a piece of paper and a pen. The one who loves food and runs with all her heart. The one who does not use heels because she can, that one. The one who both cooks a cake or fix a trousers’ hem. The untiring traveler woman, who never stops discovering and enjoying new experiences. This is only 1% Luli. You can discover the 99% else when she becomes essential in any project.


This is Luli by Gloria

Strategy Manager


(+34) 605 574 996


Further information, consulting,
fees and coffees: info@itrend.es

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